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Competency Key for US Gulf Electrical Work
Ensuring that oil and gas workers employed in hazardous areas are competent to perform electrical work correctly on U.S. Gulf of Mexico offshore rigs, production facilities and vessels – and ensuring that facilities, equipment and products meet electrical standards for the U.S. Gulf – is a critical aspect of the offshore oil and gas industry.
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Black Elk Incident Reminder of Dangers from Hazardous Vapors
The November 2012 explosion at a Black Elk Energy-operated platform – which resulted from welders welding onto a pipe leading to a wet oil tank – serves as a reminder of the importance of educating workers on the dangers fire or explosions sparked by hazardous vapors, an offshore safety official told Rigzone.
September 2013Read More
Project Management by Commissioning-by Mark Tranfield
OCS was founded on the necessity of addressing three very real monumental problems observed in rig construction and commissioning projects – cost overruns, delivery delays and quality of construction that was not up to required international standards, often resulting in severely increased costs as well as poor – or impossible – operational ability.
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