Dropped Objects

Safety has remained the number one priority in the Oil & Gas Industry and in keeping with our overall philosophy. OCS has developed and successfully implemented on a number of offshore units a sophisticated Dropped Objects Program (DOP) that will ensure safety policies meet both IADC HSE Guidelines Section 16 for "Dropped Objects" and API Recommended Practices Section 4G & 54 for Derricks/Masts and has streamlined the management and implementation of a dropped objects policy and procedure.

In establishing an effective dropped object management system, facilities, structures, sites and locations are typically separated into manageable areas.

Within these areas (e.g. Drilling), major structures are separated further to represent levels, equipment areas and modules.

For each area, an inventory is prepared detailing and uniquely referencing all equipment that is located, stored, held, mounted, secured or used at height. This represents all the potential dropped objects in that area and the inventory can run to hundreds of items, depending on the Zone being surveyed.

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