Hazardous Area Inspections

OCS inspections would be classed as the most complete and advanced inspection process available. Our system delivers full dossiers on all aspects of your inspection from the Hazardous Area Equipment Register, to Certification Records, CAD Drawings for equipment location, ITR Records with inspectors signature, Corrective Action Register, Equipment Rectification list, photo's, Inspection Analysis & summary reports and recommendations.

A reporting system can be via on line and both hard copy. OCS can also maintain your records and equipment so they are maintained and updated for Maintenance purposes, Regulatory and Classification Authorities.
Our clients can just advise on their requirements and OCS can provide that service needed.

With each Ex inspection, we will provide you with a hazardous area equipment register (HAER) and a list of corrective actions. Additionally, we verify the integrity and compliance of all Ex equipment and identify potential ignition sources. Finally, if needed, OCS Group will conduct the remedial work identified in the corrective action register (CAR), ensuring comprehensive hazardous area management for our clients.

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