Oil and Gas

Oil and natural gas touch our lives in countless ways every day.The oil and gas industry is redefining itself amid uncertain energy policies and a changing environment. Our early involvement in the concept phase results in the best possible technical solutions.

The energy industry provides tremendous opportunities for companies involved in the extraction and processing of OCS Software's energy resources as well as for supporting companies involved in business management, engineering, consulting, information technology and communications, and manufacturing. OCS Software provides specialist knowledge to the international oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and construction industries. Our clients are predominantly major operating companies and international engineering or construction companies. We provide a combination of project management support, project engineering support, construction supervision, third party/vendor inspection and recruitment and selection. The scope of services are provided at various phases of a project ranging from exploration to production, construction to maintenance, upstream and downstream.

Technical complexity and increased government regulation require companies to be more vigilant than at any time in history. In this era of costly litigation and skyrocketing compensatory and punitive judgments, firms must be able to prove responsible and consistent performance.

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