Project Trac

OCS has developed a powerful project management tool as a result of prolonged involvement in extensive major capital projects. As a result of these "concept to delivery" experiences the OCS project management and commissioning team developed their own in house software to provide a complete management that will assist clients make informed decisions and ensure their projects are delivered on time and within budget.

OCS use in-house developed software (Project TracTM) to integrate all the various stages of a project, recording detailed information at each of the projects stages.

With the detailed information available, projects are completed effectively and efficiently through better-informed decisions resulted from systematic project analysis and planning. Some of the management System includes the following items.

Project Trac features provide for the following functions

  • Project Management Tool
  • QA System
  • Project Development and Planning
  • Inspection Development Process
  • Tracking of project
  • Recording & Reporting System
  • Monitors Construction and Installation
  • Monitors Mechanical Completion
  • Monitors Electrical Completion
  • Monitors Pre-commissioning
  • Monitors Commissioning
  • Construction/Shipyard/Owner/Vendor tag cross reference system
  • Punch List (Defect) Management
  • Problem forecasting
  • Project Completion Forecasting
  • Schedule Monitoring to meet project completion date
  • Documentation Control

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